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基本動詞 Top 25 

基本動詞 Top 25 ザッツ英会話スクール
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基本動詞 Top 25

1. be

be - was/were - been (irregular)

(a) I am always tired on Mondays.

(b) Where were you at 7 pm?

​(c) Tom has never been there.

2. have

have - had - had (irregular)

​(a) He doesn't have any close friends.

​(b) Jenny had a nice time.

(c) We have had this car for 7 years.

3. do

do - did - done (irregular)

(a) I always do yoga on Thursdays.

(b) He did his best to fit in.

(c) Have you done the report yet?

4. say

say - said - said (irregular)

(a) We should always say 'thank you.'

(b) Eiko said he feels ill today.

(c) Has he ever said he loves you?

5. go

go - went - gone (irregular)

​(a) Ryugo goes skiing in Hokkaido.

(b) They went, but it was closed.

​(c) My wee dog has gone to heaven.

6. get

get - got - got/gotten (irregular)

(a) I always get a cold in winter.

​(b) I got some vegetables from Fumie.

(c) He has gotten really good at English.

7. make

make - made - made (irregular)

(a) Do you make your own lunchbox?

​(b) Trump made lots of tweets about it.

(c) He has made a huge mistake.

8. know

know - knew - known (irregular)

(a) Yoshiko never knows what to say.

(b) I knew that was going to happen!

(c) We have known him for years.

9. think

think - thought - thought (irregular)

​(a) I think Moriya is a great place to live.

(b) We thought you weren't coming.

(c) Have you thought about modeling?

10. take

take - took - taken (irregular)

​(a) I want to take a break, it's hard work.

​(b) He took the money without asking.

​(c) Joe has taken some great photos.

11. see

see - saw - seen (irregular)

​(a) I see him on the train every day.

(b) Mieko saw a musical in Tokyo.

​(c) He has seen that movie 5 times.

12. come

come - came - come (irregular)

(a) Did you come here on foot?

(b) We came to visit Steve in hospital.

​(c) They have come to pick up Atsushi.

13. want

want - wanted - wanted (regular)

(a) We want Japan to win the game.

​(b) He wanted a dog, but she disagreed.

​(c) I have wanted to go there for ages.

14. use

use - used - used (regular)

(a) How do I use this machine?

(b) Scott used his tablet on the train.

(c) I have used Amazon to buy books.

15. find

find - found - found (irregular)

​(a) You can find it in a 100 Yen shop.

​(b) Kei found his i-phone under the bed.

​(c) I still haven't found true love.

​16. give

give - gave - given (irregular)

(a) Miyuki always gives me a hard time.

(b) The millionaire gave me a big tip.

(c) He has given a lot to this company.

​17. tell

tell - told - told (irregular)

(a) Can I tell you a secret?

(b) I told you that would happen.

​(c) She has told me everything about it.

18. work

work - worked - worked (regular)

(a) Jim doesn't work very hard at all.

​(b) Mari worked in Tokyo for 10 years.

​(c) He hasn't worked since the accident.

19. call

call - called - called (regular)

(a) Call me when you get home.

(b) He got mad when I called so late.

(c) Yui has called me every single day.

20. try

try - tried - tried (regular)

(a) Do you wanna try some?

​(b) He tried the homework, but gave up.

​(c) Scientists have tried to find a cure.

21. ask 

ask - asked - asked (regular)

(a) May I ask a personal question?

(b) The journalist asked why it occured.

​(c) The staff have asked for a pay raise.

22. need 

need - needed - needed (regular)

​(a) Do we need money to be happy?

​(b) The man needed help to stand up.

(c) Moe has needed help in the past.

23. feel

feel - felt - felt (irregular)

​(a) I always feel down on Sunday nights.

(b) Josh felt sick, so he stayed home.

​(c) I have felt this way for a few months.

24. become

become - became - became (irregular)

(a) I will become a nice English speaker.

​(b) Bill became a teacher, like his dad.

​(c) The book has become a hit movie.

25. leave

leave - left - left (irregular)

(a) Craig leaves for work at 6:30 sharp.

(b) The train left 5 minutes late.

​(c) My son has left home already.

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