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4月の歌 April Songs

1. Hello Hello!

2. Bye Bye Goodbye

3. Open Shut Them

5月の歌 May Songs

4. Make a Circle

5. The Alphabet Song

6. Seven Steps

6月の歌 June Songs

7. Rock Scissors Paper

8. How's the Weather?

9. Uh-huh!

7月の歌 July Songs

10. Do you like broccoli ice cream?

11. Say Cheese!

12. Happy Birthday!

8月の歌 August Songs

13. Are You Hungry?

14. Head, Shoulders...

15. The Bath Song

9月の歌 September Songs

16. One Potato Two Potato

17. The Wheels On The Bus

18. Hello!

10月の歌 October Songs

19. One Little Finger

20. Days Of The Week

21. Clean up!

11月の歌 November Songs

22. Alphabet Chant


24. We All Fall Down

12月の歌  December Songs

25. What Do You Want for Xmas?

26. Walking Walking

27. Put On Your Shoes

1月の歌  January Songs

28. The Shape Song

29. Counting Bananas

30. Count and Move

2月の歌  February Songs

31. If You're Happy

32. I See Something Blue

33. Go away!

3月の歌  March Songs

34. Rain Rain Go Away

35. The Months Chant

36. Old Macdonald

​Extra Songs!

The Rainbow Song

The Ice Cream Song

Red Light Green Light

Mr. Sun

Pizza Party

I have a Pet

Phonics Song

Alphabet with Peppa Pig

The Monsters Color Song

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